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Thank you for following me on my paper route as I paint around the world.

My creative process began at an early age. My mother still tells me stories of how I would draw pictures and the letter "O" on the wall going up the steps in the house where I was raised. With each step up there would be a new picture. Although she wasn't impressed with my choice of places to draw, she always encouraged me to be creative. I have always been drawn to painting in bold, happy color schemes. Texture is interesting to me, so I use a great deal of texture in all of my mixed media pieces.  

‚ÄčI LOVE TRAVELING! I'm certain I must have gypsy in my blood. While living overseas I traveled frequently to attempt to leave no rock unturned. Each stop I would collect newspapers. My composition of paintings come from memories of my travels to each region and inspiration I find from the news articles. I then use the newspaper as my base on a canvas and leave negative space so as to see the periodical in each painting. 

‚ÄčAlong my journeys I was frequently asked to donate paintings for fundraising events and really enjoyed the ability to do the three things I am passionate about - painting, traveling, and supporting worthy causes. With your purchase, 10% of the profits of the painting will be eligible to the cause of your choice with the exception of no political or religious organizations. 

Rasah Gonzales